Our Story

This probably sounds familiar, but from the second I wake up, I’m shot out of a cannon. I’m in airports, meetings, gyms – it’s a long story, but one time I got stuck in an elevator. The point is this: I have a life. I go places. I have experiences. We all do, and once we have kids, our lives don’t slow down. It’s actually just the opposite, our lives speed up. You’re still taking calls in the car, but this time around, that car is filled with baby toys, diaper bags, and stale cereal. The “new normal” always made me smile but as I sat there drowning in my son’s carrot sticks, I also realized something important. I never wanted to lose my personal identity.


As a mom, the early days of trying to hang on to that identity were hilarious. I went to happy hour with a bag covered in giraffes. My living room – once resembled a scene from a catalog – was now decorated with scattered squeaking toys. I was a first-time parent trying everything, but it turns out that you can’t bring “everything” to a dinner party. I wanted to give my son the best of the best, but our options were all geared for the exact moment you’re in. The second we switched gears it all started to feel like clutter. So, I decided to create a brand that gets it. A brand that understands that we’re way more than just parents. We’re also… y’know… our own people.


Itsy Bitty is a brand for everyone who wants to be a great parent without losing themselves. As a minority mama-owned business, we're a forward-looking company that serves the moment you’re in, but also knows that something much more is always around the corner. We make unisex diaper bags that you can actually hand to your partner. We make stylish toys built for the now, but after your child grows up, they’re lasting, timeless, and decorative memories. We make days at the park, afternoons on the beach, and road trips they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. We’re a brand that grows with your family. Because we’re not just here for the moment - We’re here for whatever’s next. 

itsy bitty family with mother son and daughter


Baby with pacifier clip and teething bracelet


Itsy Bitty's style is unisex, functional, and unique. Our products are designed with colors and patterns in mind to fit baby and parent lifestyles.

toddler boy sitting next to Bitty Bag


Our designs are not ground breaking, they're innovative. Itsy Bitty details are meant to address every day needs and can easily be re-purposed. 


We take pride in paying attention to every detail and our products are built with long-lasting materials and meant to be upcycled. 

Young woman and man holding a Bitty Bag


Not all products are created equal. However, at Itsy Bitty, we bridge the gap so our items can be used for all things equally.